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Please send us pictures and comments about your new baby as he or she grows up and we will post it on our web site.  Email your pictures and comments to:

We hope to hear from you soon. 

Thank you! 

"Thanks for checking in.  Mochi is doing great!  She's playful and happy and has been a wonderful addition to our family.  We are so thankful we found you and are able to have Mochi."  Dan & Abby Jan 2021

Tanya & Leon's babies
Coco with new baby sister Chloe


This is Bellamy, owned by Jannett. Here is a quote from her.

"I want to let you know I am so madly in love with Bellamy and she is doing so well.  She's so Beautiful and Sweet and SO,SO SMART.

She is absolutely GORGEOUS. She looks more beuatiful every day. I'm so grateful I found you and so THANKFUL that you chose me to be her Mommy. Thank you!" 

Here are a few comments from people who adopted their pets from us....

"Boy, you raise beautiful cats!

I love Licky so much.  He is so social, gentle and loving with a curiosity and intelligence second to none. "

Shelly- Canada

"We are so happy with our Dudley.  He is so smart and sweet. "
Nancy- Sacramento, California

" Thank you so much, we love Maggie.  Mag's is exactly what our family needed. Thank you ." Martin Family Las Vegas, Nevada

 "We couldn't be happier."
Richard & JoAnn Henderson, Nevada

'Thanks again for him.  He is just wonderful and exactly what I wanted!'
Cindy- Pahrump, Nevada


 "Bandit and I are doing great!!  He has stolen everyone's heart - my husband, my in-laws, the doctor and the staff at Stephanie Animal Hospital.  He is everything we wanted....   

Bandit is a gorgeous seal point.

This is what Jing says about her new kitten she named Miki.  The color on her back has gotten dark a little bit, but not as dark as her daddy. She's very playful and goofy too. It's hard for her to get under the couch since she has grown so big now. Last time I check with vet, she was around 8 lbs. I never thought I would enjoy having a cat more than having a dog :) She brightens up my days and makes me laugh. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful friend.  Jing

Stitch and friend

This is Stitch with his golden retriever pal. His owners Pauline and John also have two more of our ragdolls, Thumper and Princess.

Thumper and Princess